Listen and Learn… What is Certified Cost and Pricing Data?  Cost and pricing data is exactly what it sounds like.  The key word here is “certified”.

Kevin and Paul describe the circumstances where the Government requires contractors to “certify” that their cost and pricing data is current, accurate, and complete.

Learn how to certify your cost and pricing data, when certified cost and pricing data is required (and when it is not), and what happens if your certified data isn’t current or is inaccurate or incomplete. (the dreaded “defective cert”)

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  • Paula

    Our management has determined the need for certificate is required under a single award IDIQ. The prices are not contained in the contract. What is your opinion?

    • Kevin Jans

      Wow. I feel like a dork for taking this long to respond. Between Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, I lost track of our blog.

      Anyway, was the contract competed? I’m not sure what you mean by the “prices are not contained in the contract”…

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