The second in a 4 part series describing the Acquisition Time Zones in greater detail.  (see Episode 003 for an overview of the  Time Zones) In this episode Kevin and Paul discuss the types of market research the Government uses and what Government and Industry are doing (or should be doing) during this phase of the acquisition cycle.  As always, communication between Government and Industry is stressed to make the process faster and improve results.  (and make it easier on everyone involved!)

Zone 2 – Market Research Zone

  • Meg

    Good stuff, guys – succinct but covers the bases. I just sent this over to one of my Sales reps as a tool for some of the newer folks who’ve been asking me about whether they are allowed to engage directly with Contracting Officers during an the RFI stage. I’ve counseled them that not only is this “allowed” but “encouraged” – though not all CO’s seem fully onboard.

    • Kevin Jans

      Thanks for posting. I’m glad it is so helpful. Selling to the government is such an enigma to many people. We’re glad we can help your sales team better understand this market.

      Don’t forget to check out the Skyway Connection Community too ( You and your sales team can join for free at the Basic level, plus you can use the promo code “PODCAST” and try the Community level for 2 weeks for free :-) We know it will help you, just like the podcast does :-)

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