What is Section L?  What is Section M?  In this 2 part episode, Paul and Kevin explain how the Government provides proposal preparation and content instructions in Section L and provides the evaluation criteria that define how to win (or lose) the competition in Section M.  Part 1 (Episode 010) focuses on describing “what” Section L and Section M are.  In Part 2 the conversation strives to give deeper insight into “why” Section L and Section M are important.

Zone 3 – RFP Zone

  • Matthew Stevens

    Another good pod cast. You asked for feedback, soooo. Smart plan to break Section L&M discussion into 2 casts — a lot of fundamental info on some very big topics. I believe many of these podcasts can be a good source for the requirement owners to listen to, even as early as the RAD step. This reinforces one of your concepts – communication is key. One topic/issue that I’ve wrestled with is the requirement disconnect between gov’t and industry. Specifically, many government agencies are hesitant to talk with industry as they are defining the requirement, or they cut conversations short before the requirement is fully developed. As a result the requirement that hits the street is not, in fact, exactly what the requirement owner truly needs – and industry knows it. This puts industry at a cross roads – either spend resources on a solicitation they know will have to change before actual award, or put a solicitation together for what they professional believe will be for the end product — and risk being non-responsive. I believe a pod cast on this issue would serve requirement owners, industry and the overall contracting community.

    • Kevin Jans

      First. I’m sorry for the ridiculously long delay in responding. As Paul and I often mention, we focus on great content and figure the rest out. Well, the fact that listeners like you can post on our website and I didn’t even know it(!) is another example of that. Sorry! Now I know to check these and respond!

      Second, thank you for the great, detailed response. You’re correct, this requirements development process is often one sided. Have the later podcasts addressed some of these issue (such as Episodes 013, 014, 020 and 021)?

      Third, yes, we struggle with compressing this content into under 30-minute chunks. That’s actually why we started the Skyway Connection Community (http://skywayacquisition.com/connect) – to give us somewhere to put the additional content for listeners to access it. For example, in April, I did an entire webinar on Sections L&M. It’s now recorded and accessible on demand for all Community members.

      Thanks for listening to the podcast and taking the time to post this. Sorry I was such a slow poke in getting back to you.

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