In this cast, we explain the basics of what Contracting Officers do. We define the role of the CO, along with some detail on how they are appointed. We also describe the different types of contracting officers along with some of our personal experience mixed in, of course. This cast has a bit more ‘in the weeds’ FAR language, but it should give you some context on what the CO does and why they do it. Enjoy! And please provide comments below after you listen.

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  • Michelle

    Thanks and happy to have found this– new Contracting Specialist at GSA.

    • Kevin Jans

      Thanks for posting! I’m so glad you found it too. I’m really glad you are getting so much out of these casts.

      Sorry for the late response. As we say a lot on podcasts, we focus on creating great content – and figure out everything else as we go.

      Well, figuring out that we had comments on our podcasts is one thing we just figured out! Oops. Please keep them coming. I’m getting much better at keeping up with these now 🙂