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The topic of “Federal government contracting” is huge.  It’s too huge, we decided, to just start creating our Contracting Officer podcast sessions(on a wide array of topics)without some sort of structure. To address this, we separate the sessions into groups to align them with the chronological phases of the government acquisition process. We call these phases theAcquisition Time Zones. These Time Zones help our listeners understand the content on each podcast session by knowing where it fits in the overall buying process.The Time Zones are, in chronological order:

The Requirements Zone

The Market Research Zone

The Request for Proposal (or “RFP”) Zone

The Source Selection Zone.

This podcast session gives a brief overview of these Time Zones. We will cover each Time Zone in more detail in future sessions as well.

Time Zone:All

  • Jenny Clark

    Kevin – you are right that people have started planning “the protest zone” into their strategy

    • Kevin Jans

      Jenny, Thanks. The “protest zone” will be a whole separate podcast that we’ll add to the list :-)

  • Zack L

    Kevin – great podcasts! In the same way you describe time zones, I’d also like to hear your input on the “seasons” of government contracting…and how developing relationships within your potential buying channels can bear fruit during the “harvest season” of August and September each year. Thanks for the insights!

  • Kevin Jans

    The mission of the Contracting Officer Podcast is to “Improve communication and understanding between the federal buyer and seller to save them both time and money.”

    “How best to market to the government” is a topic that is specific to each company depending on their target agency(ies). Providing general sales strategies is also too one-sided (on the sales side) to align with the CO Podcast mission. Therefore, this topic is beyond the scope of the podcast. Plus, there is plenty of general info available already on marketing to the federal government.

    Thanks for the question though. It helps people understand the focused mission of the CO Podcast.

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