What is a Protest?  When Should I Protest?  What Can I Protest?  How Do I Submit a Protest? In this episode Kevin and Paul provide answers to these questions and more.   The discussion goes far beyond the FAR (get it?) and provides listeners with examples of why submitting a formal protest to the Government is not always the best decision.   Hear stories of real protests demonstrating how the process is viewed from the perspective of both the Government and Industry.   Finally, Kevin and Paul share factors Industry should consider before making the decision to submit a protest.

Zone 4 – The Source Selection Zone

What are weighted guidelines? In this episode Kevin and Paul discuss the Government’s use of a structured approach to determine fair and reasonable profit during sole source negotiations. They explain what weighted guidelines are and give insight into why Industry should understand the Government’s profit calculation process.

Zone 4

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How much communication between the Government and Industry is necessary prior to release of the RFP?   In this episode Paul and Kevin the reasons why increased communications are critical to the Government acquisition process, leading to higher quality RFPs and proposals as well as more successful source selections.

Zone 2, The Market Research Zone