How much time does an offeror need to submit a proposal? How much time is not enough? How much time is too much? What is the contractor doing with that time? As contracting officers, we didn’t know the answers to these questions (or even to ask all of them sometimes). This cast explains both sides of the proposal response time question and how to find a balance between the extremes of too little and too much time.

Zone 2 and 3

What does “Color of Money” mean?   This episode explains different types of appropriations and how they impact acquisitions and the Government’s behavior.  Kevin and Paul give examples of why the color of money matters and what goes on behind the scenes in a Government acquisition as a result of the appropriation type.    Learn why the Government cares about the color of money and why Industry should.  Why is September 30th such a busy time for acquisition offices?  Give this podcast a listen to find out.

Zone:                          Zoneless

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a Government source selection?  In this episode Kevin and Paul provide a glimpse behind the curtain and answer a listener’s questions about the source selection process.

Specific topics are:

  • Subjectivity in proposal scoring
  • The value of past performance evaluations
  • What does “significantly more important” mean?
  • Can evaluations be revised to favor a particular contractor?

Zone 4 – The Source Selection Zone

J&A (Justification and Approval) is the common term used to describe the documentation required for a contracting officer to proceed with an acquisition using other than full and open competition.  (also known as sole source contract)  In this episode Kevin and Paul discuss when J&A’s are needed, the seven exceptions to full and open competition that the FAR allows, the content of a J&A, and who approves the J&A.

Zone 2

Targeting is a critical element of winning in the federal market. Poor targeting creates many of the problems we discuss on the Contracting Officer Podcast – from miscommunication between buyer and seller, to adversarial debriefs, and yes, even to protests. Regardless of where you sit in the federal buying and selling process, it is critical that you understand the importance of target-ing.

In this cast, we explain how to identify your Ideal Target Market by stitching together into the three elements that make up your Ideal Target Market: your Reachable Market, your Target Market and your Weight Class.

Zone 2 (Market Research) and Zone 3 (RFP Zone)